Removing the old paint shows off the gorgeous grain of this turned banister.

Interior Projects

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Beautifully restored pocket doors, floors and woodwork provides the WOW factor.

  • old vs new doors

    Stripping off the white paint reveals oak, stripping off the old varnish reveals sycamore. Wonderful wood!

  • framing

    This old house had its pocket door wall between the front parlor and the back parlor removed during a "renovation". The project was to replace the wall following the original footprint, replace the pocket doors and replace/repair the curved plaster at the ceiling.

  • framing 2

    View of of back parlor fireplace wall. A passage had been cut through to the left of the fireplace during the 1960 "renovation".

  • framing 3

    The room is prepared for restoration.

  • framing 4

    Curve backing for plaster is made of lath. Pocket doors can be seen inside the wall.

  • curved plaster

    Original curve replaced.

  • curved plaster 2

    The room is ready for trim and finish.

  • pedestal sink

    New tile brings new life to an old room.

  • toilet

    Light reflects off of glass tile walls

  • stone tile

    Inexpensive slate tile with an interesting layout pattern works well in this mud room.

  • bath tile

    Tile before grout on a bathroom floor.

  • bath tile

    This bathroom will be functional and elegant.

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