new porch rails

Replacing rotted porch rails and posts to match existing style.

Exterior Projects

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privacy screen

A four season privacy screen is functional and beautiful.

  • shingle detail

    Shingle siding is replaced from the bottom up. Window trim looses detail over time and is replaced with the same profile moldings to bring back the crisp look.

  • paint removed

    A really good paint job starts with removing the old paint.

  • porch columns

    Custom turned porch columns add stability and beauty to this grand porch. The lower rails were repaired. The second floor rail was completely gone and was reproduced to match the first floor rail.

  • Victorian facelift

    Huge Victorian getting reshingled

  • new deck

    Deck and rails are complete.

  • new dech 2

    Deck and rails are complete.

  • building roof

    Roof is being built-out.

  • acorn finials

    Custom turned acorn finials fit in great with the big oak tree in the yard.

  • new roof

    A Victorian home gets a new back deck and a new roof over the door. The roof brackets were bought from a salvage yard and some of the rails were original with the house. Everything else was made to fit just like it had always been there.

  • old rails

    We keep as much of the good original material as possible, just replacing the parts that are rotten.

  • new rails

    Once painted, the old and the new pieces merge as one.

  • new rails 2

    An aesthetically pleasing porch rail.

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